The adventures of the all weather bog trotters

Cadair Idris

We are just a few people from the Orthopaedic Hospital in Oswestry, UK, who go out rambling regularly at any time of the year in any sort of weather with any sort of people of any sort of age to any sort of mountain in any sort of transport. Brave and flexible, in other words M.B.E. prone and our exiting adventures are filed here for future generation, if they ever find out how Windows 98 ever could have worked. Maybe not then....

If you want to be posted when a new walk is organised or a new story is published please email me (since I discovered that we have a world wide audience) with the following text in the subject: p.e.m.w.a.n.w.i.o. This is an undecipherable code for most of you. An enigma is needed, but apparently, they are not too hard to steal.

For every trip organised participants should run through the following check list:

  • Water proof mountain boots
  • Lunch box for the day
  • Waterproof rain gear
  • Swiss Army knife (defence against terrorist)
  • First aid kit (Angela only)
  • Good mood

Finally, a fine collection of scenery pictures taken during these trips are available here.

Frank Cook, September, 2004


Published on  November 14th, 2022